Collage Assignment


For the collage assignment I decided to take a somewhat unconventional approach. I used three photos at various sizes to make up the entire frame. I brought the last to the foreground which was the house in the top right corner. The lines of that photos bottom left corner formed a ninety-degree angle so the challenge was to blend that into the foliage accordingly. I tried several different approaches all of which made the connecting intersection more prominent. With assistance from the professor I went with the stamp tool. By using this tool, the photos seem to blend more as one which was my ultimate goal.

I think the strongest parts about the image are the three subjects. I wanted to use the old truck, the road, and the house. By accident I made an edit that brought grass through the concrete. I wish I had known what tool I had used. I thought it had to do with the color green and how it was exposed. This happy mistake created a post-apocalyptic theme. I might continue to edit this image further in my free time or to work on future projects in a similar nature. This project really makes you think about the work and talent involved in making imagery authentic in different avenues such commercials, advertisements, and brochures.

With this assignment I realized there are numerous tools to accomplish different goals during the editing process in Photoshop. I need to spend more time doing research to learn what tools are meant for. I seem to be taking too many steps to achieve the aesthetic I am looking for. Over time I hope to acquire shortcuts to speed up the process.


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