In Class Advertising Assignment


I think this is a great example of strong advertising. The product has the word “supernatural” in the title so the wings are appropriate. He is perfectly positioned in the center of the frame to enhance the rule of thirds. His attire and the backdrop of yellow and black creates an aesthetic. I like the shadowing that was done in the editing process. The look on his face is determination and that comes across powerfully. I love how they used a quote underneath the product title. My only complaint is that the font size isn’t bigger. It makes it tough to read even though the Kobe Bryant die hard fans have no issue recognizing him or the product. I understand why the advertising company didn’t make the font bigger as it seems somewhat centered in the bottom left corner, but I think it would have been more effective if it was place on the bottom left, hugging the border. Maybe they could have also had the Nike checkmark on his shorts and tank top to embed in the consumers head that Nike is the sports attire company to buy from. Other than that I enjoy this photo and ad and thinks it sells its message.


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