Portrait Assignment


The inspiration for this idea was to incorporate my “Villain” hat. I told my friend I was coming over and for him to dress in all black. He lives on a culdesac with a nice view so I thought taking the photo in the middle of the road would look cool. I think I took this photo in golden hour so I tried to capture the light and shadows appropriately. I used different angles and couldn’t seem to get the shot I wanted without the truck in the background .

My camera settings were 55mm focal length, exposure 1/250, f36, and ISO 1600 in manual mode. I wanted to create a dark ambiguous tone. I told my subject to look down as I wanted the brim of his hate to cover his eyes. My edits included some saturation and minute color adjustments. In hindsight I think I liked the photo straight out of the camera. My adjustments made his skin tone a little more yellow than I would have liked.

As for compositional elements I think there is interesting depth of field as you can tell he is in focus and his background is not, but it is evident that there is a horizon behind him. I also like the shadows in the shot and I think it was the strength of the photo itself. I think the weakest parts of this photo might be the framing as I would have liked him to be more centered in the road. I liked this assignment because it showed me that rotating around your subject and capturing them at the right angles is essential to obtaining the most desired aesthetic.


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