Advertising Assignment


The inspiration for the advertising assignment was to showcase the progress of these townhouses and incorporating the sign for the real estate company. I think this would make a great ad because I focused on the sign in the foreground so the name is prominently shown and the product is in the background. The settings for this photo was 1/100 exposure, f22, ISO 200, in manual mode with 18 mm focal length.  The lighting was natural and I think the mood is progress and growth in a community which is positive to me. The location is Middletown, N.Y. in between Dolson Avenue and the road the takes you to the high school. I think the strongest part of this image is the depth of field. I took this at an angle to incorporate the entire sign and width of all the connecting structures. I think the weakest parts might be the exposure levels, but the words on the sign are readable and I felt like that was the most important part of the image being that this is supposed to represent an advertisement. I think this is a good assignment, because it made me realize that photography advertising is an area where there may be opportunity for employment.


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