Mark’s Photo Essay

Mark’s Photo Essay

The inspiration for my photo essay was originally to capture not only the beauty of the Hudson Valley, but the abandoned potential that it displays. The more photos I took the more I realized I should focus on the beauty of the landscapes not only in N.Y., but other areas that I have ventured out to recently. I wanted this essay to focus on continuity so several of the photos are taken at the same location, but none of the same subject. The mood in almost all of this photos is happy and curious. I used natural light in all of these pictures and switched up the lenses a bit to accomplish an array of point of views. My locations were at High Point in New Jersey, a hilltop overseeing the Hudson Valley in the Pine Island onion field region, Port Jervis overlooking the Delaware River, and farm lands in Warwick, N.Y. I tried to incorporate landscape portraits, symmetrical lines, depth of field, curves, and colors. I took numerous shots in all of these locations at different exposure, ISO, and aperture levels while placing focal points at different areas within the frame. I enjoyed this project the best, because I got to incorporate all the work I have put into scouting locations and my photography skills as a whole. In hindsight I could have cropped some of these photos and tried to bring out the curves in the mountain regions more, but in a way I wanted these photos to stand as is, because I took so many and was selective of the ones I eventually chose for this project.


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