Advertising Assignment


The inspiration for the advertising assignment was to showcase the progress of these townhouses and incorporating the sign for the real estate company. I think this would make a great ad because I focused on the sign in the foreground so the name is prominently shown and the product is in the background. The settings for this photo was 1/100 exposure, f22, ISO 200, in manual mode with 18 mm focal length.  The lighting was natural and I think the mood is progress and growth in a community which is positive to me. The location is Middletown, N.Y. in between Dolson Avenue and the road the takes you to the high school. I think the strongest part of this image is the depth of field. I took this at an angle to incorporate the entire sign and width of all the connecting structures. I think the weakest parts might be the exposure levels, but the words on the sign are readable and I felt like that was the most important part of the image being that this is supposed to represent an advertisement. I think this is a good assignment, because it made me realize that photography advertising is an area where there may be opportunity for employment.


Mark’s Photo Essay

Mark’s Photo Essay

The inspiration for my photo essay was originally to capture not only the beauty of the Hudson Valley, but the abandoned potential that it displays. The more photos I took the more I realized I should focus on the beauty of the landscapes not only in N.Y., but other areas that I have ventured out to recently. I wanted this essay to focus on continuity so several of the photos are taken at the same location, but none of the same subject. The mood in almost all of this photos is happy and curious. I used natural light in all of these pictures and switched up the lenses a bit to accomplish an array of point of views. My locations were at High Point in New Jersey, a hilltop overseeing the Hudson Valley in the Pine Island onion field region, Port Jervis overlooking the Delaware River, and farm lands in Warwick, N.Y. I tried to incorporate landscape portraits, symmetrical lines, depth of field, curves, and colors. I took numerous shots in all of these locations at different exposure, ISO, and aperture levels while placing focal points at different areas within the frame. I enjoyed this project the best, because I got to incorporate all the work I have put into scouting locations and my photography skills as a whole. In hindsight I could have cropped some of these photos and tried to bring out the curves in the mountain regions more, but in a way I wanted these photos to stand as is, because I took so many and was selective of the ones I eventually chose for this project.

In Class Advertising Assignment


I think this is a great example of strong advertising. The product has the word “supernatural” in the title so the wings are appropriate. He is perfectly positioned in the center of the frame to enhance the rule of thirds. His attire and the backdrop of yellow and black creates an aesthetic. I like the shadowing that was done in the editing process. The look on his face is determination and that comes across powerfully. I love how they used a quote underneath the product title. My only complaint is that the font size isn’t bigger. It makes it tough to read even though the Kobe Bryant die hard fans have no issue recognizing him or the product. I understand why the advertising company didn’t make the font bigger as it seems somewhat centered in the bottom left corner, but I think it would have been more effective if it was place on the bottom left, hugging the border. Maybe they could have also had the Nike checkmark on his shorts and tank top to embed in the consumers head that Nike is the sports attire company to buy from. Other than that I enjoy this photo and ad and thinks it sells its message.

Portrait Assignment


The inspiration for this idea was to incorporate my “Villain” hat. I told my friend I was coming over and for him to dress in all black. He lives on a culdesac with a nice view so I thought taking the photo in the middle of the road would look cool. I think I took this photo in golden hour so I tried to capture the light and shadows appropriately. I used different angles and couldn’t seem to get the shot I wanted without the truck in the background .

My camera settings were 55mm focal length, exposure 1/250, f36, and ISO 1600 in manual mode. I wanted to create a dark ambiguous tone. I told my subject to look down as I wanted the brim of his hate to cover his eyes. My edits included some saturation and minute color adjustments. In hindsight I think I liked the photo straight out of the camera. My adjustments made his skin tone a little more yellow than I would have liked.

As for compositional elements I think there is interesting depth of field as you can tell he is in focus and his background is not, but it is evident that there is a horizon behind him. I also like the shadows in the shot and I think it was the strength of the photo itself. I think the weakest parts of this photo might be the framing as I would have liked him to be more centered in the road. I liked this assignment because it showed me that rotating around your subject and capturing them at the right angles is essential to obtaining the most desired aesthetic.

Collage Assignment


For the collage assignment I decided to take a somewhat unconventional approach. I used three photos at various sizes to make up the entire frame. I brought the last to the foreground which was the house in the top right corner. The lines of that photos bottom left corner formed a ninety-degree angle so the challenge was to blend that into the foliage accordingly. I tried several different approaches all of which made the connecting intersection more prominent. With assistance from the professor I went with the stamp tool. By using this tool, the photos seem to blend more as one which was my ultimate goal.

I think the strongest parts about the image are the three subjects. I wanted to use the old truck, the road, and the house. By accident I made an edit that brought grass through the concrete. I wish I had known what tool I had used. I thought it had to do with the color green and how it was exposed. This happy mistake created a post-apocalyptic theme. I might continue to edit this image further in my free time or to work on future projects in a similar nature. This project really makes you think about the work and talent involved in making imagery authentic in different avenues such commercials, advertisements, and brochures.

With this assignment I realized there are numerous tools to accomplish different goals during the editing process in Photoshop. I need to spend more time doing research to learn what tools are meant for. I seem to be taking too many steps to achieve the aesthetic I am looking for. Over time I hope to acquire shortcuts to speed up the process.